Stryke Technology Services powered by OpenStack.

We provide a wide range of Services

Stryke provides private security, military defense contracting and the latest in technology defense for various industries, personal/elite, corporations and the government throughout the United States and Globally. From suit & tie guards to uniform and undercover officers we provide the service that is best fits your needs. We have in-house and also trusted technology partners to develop the best solutions which are tailored to deliver the high level of security/protection services. Stryke also proudly serves as a military contractor per need. No mission to small or large.

Technology Services

Big Data

Stryke has a solution that will allow ML/AI companies to store large amounts of BigData and connect them easier into Neural Networks for processing, analysis and the cross flow of BigData easier so companies can scale and grow with ease.

Network Security

Stryke iaas services provide a robust environment in order to launch solutions to help your company provide the best network security options to your end users. Stryke has each to deploy solutions and can customize per client need.


Stryke provides an open-source container-orchestration system for automating computer application deployment, scaling, and management.

Web Frontend

HORIZON Dashboard

API Proxies

EC2API EC2 API proxy

Application Lifecycle

MASAKARI Instances High Availability Service MURANO Application Catalog SOLUM Software Development Lifecycle Automation FREEZER Backup, Restore, and Disaster Recovery

Workload Provisioning

MAGNUM Container Orchestration Engine Provisioning SAHARA Big Data Processing Framework Provisioning TROVE Database as a Service


HEAT Orchestration SENLIN Clustering service MISTRAL Workflow service ZAQAR Messaging Service BLAZAR Resource reservation service AODH Alarming Service

Shared Services

KEYSTONE Identity service PLACEMENT Placement service GLANCE Image service BARBICAN Key management


NEUTRON Networking OCTAVIA Load balancer DESIGNATE DNS service


SWIFT Object store CINDER Block Storage MANILA Shared filesystems

Hardware Lifecycle

RONIC Bare Metal Provisioning Service CYBORG Lifecycle management of accelerators


NOVA Compute Service ZUN Containers Service

Our Clients